Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ron Artest of Sacramento Kings Faces Animal Cruelty Charges: Starves Great Dane

I always wonder why these rich babies are usually so cruel. I guess being rich beyond all isn’t enough. Let’s hope he gets a conviction.


Officers take away Artest's Great Dane

Neighbors accuse Kings star of underfeeding dog at his mansion

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Animal services officers seized a Great Dane from the mansion of Sacramento Kings star Ron Artest, saying the dog was underfed.

Neighbors complained for weeks that the dog — named Socks — appeared to be starving inside a gated area on Artest’s $1.85 million estate in rural Loomis, according to a county report.

On Jan. 30, animal services officers visited Artest’s home and issued a “pre-seizure” notice, warning him that the female Great Dane would be taken into custody if the animal care didn’t improve.
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Placer County animal services officers returned to Artest’s home Monday and removed Socks.

Artest has 10 days to request a hearing, county spokeswoman Anita Yoder said.

Artest’s publicist, Heidi Buech, declined to comment when reached by The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Artest signed with the Kings last January for $7.15 million this season and $7.8 million in 2007-08, with an $8.45 million player option for 2008-09.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As far as I know, this is about the fifth time Artest has been in this kind of trouble. He has NO empathy nor a "normal" soul. He's a piece of caa-caa!!! (IF I could cuss here, I'd have more descriptive, meaningful words to use.) He should be prohibited for life from having ANY living souls around him; he "hasn't a clue!"

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