Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Monumental Trial Begins in Relation to Australia’s Cruel Live Animal Export Practices

For those who aren’t aware of this issue, please read more about it at: http://geari.blogspot.com/2006/03/

There you’ll see unspeakable cruelty from both the exporting company and Australian farmers. The video showed mind blowing cruelty. If this trial is a success then hopefully changes will be made.


Animal cruelty trial against live exporters begins


Farmers and animal rights protesters have packed a Perth court room for the trial of an export company and its directors on charges of ill-treating sheep on a voyage to the Middle East.

The company, Emanuel Exports, and two of its directors are facing three animal cruelty charges over a shipment of live sheep that left Fremantle in November 2003.

Prosecutors claim some of the healthier and fatter sheep were put at risk of contracting illnesses, because they were transported in the second half of the year and it interrupted their feeding cycle.

It is also alleged the sheep were kept in poor conditions and it was not possible for carers to identify if any were suffering, and that no hay or chaff was available which could have helped the sheep recover.

The company is defending the charges and has the support of the Australian Farmers Fighting Fund because it claims the case threatens Australia's live sheep export trade.

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