Thursday, February 15, 2007

Join Farm Sanctuary in Philadelphia for 6th Annual Farm Animal Forum: Learn How to Help Protect Farm Animals from Abuse

Looks like a great event. If you can, please try to make it. And pass along this information.

I’ve posted a description of the event from their website below. It can be found at:

Join Farm Sanctuary in Philadelphia for our 6th Annual Farm Animal Forum and find out how you can become an active participant in the nation's leading efforts to protect farm animals from abuse. Offering up-to-date information on critical farm animal issues, ground-breaking campaigns, movement developments, and effective advocacy strategies, this inspirational conference is a "must-attend" event for activists of all experience levels.

Don't miss out on this important and empowering opportunity to learn what YOU can do to take a stand against exploitation and come to the aid of suffering farm animals.

Conference Activities:

* Presentations by noted animal protection speakers
* Merchandise and literature exhibits
* Hands-on activism and volunteer opportunities

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