Friday, February 09, 2007

Illinois House Approves Ban on Remote Control Hunting or Cyber Hunting Over the Internet

Excellent move. And to see it pass by 117 to 0 signifies that this is a practice that is hated by all sides of the political spectrum.


House Approves Ban On Real-Life Cyber Hunting

State lawmakers are moving ahead with a plan to stop real-life hunting by remote control over the Internet.

The House voted 117-to-0 today to prevent the practice known as remote-control or cyber hunting.

Technology now allows people to view their real-life prey over a webcam and use their computer mouses to direct a rifle and fire a shot remotely to kill animals.

About two-dozen states have already outlawed the practice that some animal rights advocates call pay-per-view slaughter.

Even diehard hunters oppose the practice, saying it isn't sporting and doesn't require the fair chase seen in conventional hunting locales in forests and fields.

Ban supporters say it's necessary to stop remote-control hunting before it becomes popular.

The measure now moves to the state Senate.

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