Friday, March 10, 2006

Twisted Soldiers in Cyprus Light Dog on Fire and then Laugh and Sing

Unfortunately, this is very common behavior for soldiers regardless of the location. They become so twisted to life that they result to animal abuse. Whether it’s blowing up camels in Iraq or doing this, it’s common. So all forms of life are casualties of war.

Animal rights activists condemn ‘appalling acts’

By John Leonidou

THE Cyprus Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (CSPCA) yesterday held a press conference condemning the recent torture and killing of a dog by National Guard Conscripts.

On Friday night the private television station Sigma aired a clip of the mobile video footage, which showed the helpless dog racing about and howling in agony to the laughter and singing of soldiers.

The video clip, which is believed to have been recorded one year ago, had been forwarded around for some time until it came into the possession of a reporter, who was so disgusted with its content that he decided to air the clip before the public.

CSPCA Chairwoman Toula Poyiatzis described the recent attack on the dog as “appalling” adding that it was not the first time that her organisation had been informed about cruelty to dogs and cats by National Guard conscripts.

“We have heard many other cases of soldiers battering to death animals like dogs and cats although the Ministry of Defence will not confirm this arguing for some reason that these cases are rare and not frequent.”

Meanwhile lawyer Michalis Stamataris, who is also a member of the organisation, told the Cyprus Mail that the island was not implementing laws to protect animal rights and that people torturing or killing animals are getting away with blue murder.

“It is unfortunately a fact that the Republic has not implemented an EU legislation preventing the cruelty of animals and it is something which the island has to implement before it gets into trouble. For example a person inflicting cruelty on to an animal could be handed a 12-month prison sentence and fined up to £1,000. If that same person is again caught torturing animal then he could get up to 24 months in prison and face a fine of up to £2,000.

“Also the police have to be tougher when it comes to cases of animal cruelty. It is common knowledge that police officers brush aside cases that are reported of animal cases. If they took action against people being cruel to animals then perhaps those culprits would think again.”

But inflicting cruelty to animals could have worst implications explained Stamataris who warned that youngsters imposing cruelty to animals have many times go on to do far worse to humans. Most serial killers also have a history in which they have inflicted cruelty on animals.

“It is a worry when you think about the character a person would have if they are able to inflict such horrible things on an animal. If anything, we should think about the future; if at 17 and 18 they are burning dogs and battering cats then what will happen when they grow up and join society.”

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