Monday, March 06, 2006

Dog Breeding in Minnesota Leads Groups to Call for More Regulation

This is absolutely necessary as it again brings up the truth of breeders: one, the puppy mill syndrome and two, creating more people like C.C. Baird and those who sell dogs and cats to laboratories via the USDA class B dealers. You can find more on the issue of puppy mills, breeders and class b dealers at:

Animal-Rights Groups Say MN Needs More Regulation

(AP) Little Falls, Minn. Animal-rights groups are taking a closer look at Minnesota in the wake of a dispute over a dog-breeding kennel near Little Falls, Minn.

Some county residents say the 600-dog kennel is too big. Now activists are saying it shows the need for better regulation of dog-breeders.

John King of the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine says some commercial dog breeders in Minnesota are exploiting animals for their own benefit.

The federal government has licensed 127 commercial kennels that breed and sell dogs in Minnesota. Three are among the nation's largest -- with more than one-thousand dogs each.

Kennel owners say the attacks are unfair. Robert Weise -- president of the Minnesota Pet Breeders Association -- says most kennel owners comply with federal standards.

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