Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More Information on Coming Canadian Baby Seal Slaughter: Tips on What You Can Do to Stop It

From another group. A little current information and then a contact AND a petition for those who want to do something. Very easy.

The mother seals have given birth to their pups on the ice that formed around Prince Edward Island and the Magdalen Islands as well as on the Newfoundland/Labrador Front. The ice is thinner than usual, but the DFO says that it's thick enough to hold the seal pups even as storms come through. Time will tell if they are right.

Now we await word as to whether the DFO go ahead with the massacre. If so, will the ice be thick enough to hold the sealers? A recent article in the Chronicle Herald of Nova Scotia suggests that warm weather and thin ice might prevent a Gulf "hunt" this year due to the dangers posed to sealers. We'll keep an eye on the latest news. Keep checking our web site for updates.

In the meantime, as Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn ponders whether to accept the yet-to-be-released "Seal Management Plan", please take this opportunity to send him an email asking him to cancel the massacre. You can point out the dangers of thin ice, and mention that a 2006 massacre will ensure disaster for the Canadian fishing industry thanks to a ramped up boycott campaign.

March 15th is the International Day of Action for the Seals!

Please call Stephen Harper's office (the new Prime Minister of Canada) today and as often as you can.

They received many, many calls yesterday from people from the US and Canada asking him to please end the hunt this year so if we keep contacting him, and often, we hope they will listen.

They stated they are receiving many, many phone calls so please try and call as often as you can right now.

When you contact them, ask to speak to someone with regards to the seal hunt:

(613) 992-4211

Thank you for your help.
A petition to put your name to:


Susan Hirsch
Seal-Of-Approval Campaign Coordinator
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
(818) 349-6632 (home – CA)
(818) 825-0239 (cell)

If you missed the Larry King Live show that everyone's talking about, read the transcript here. Larry pitted the great Sir Paul McCartney and his activist wife, Heather, against the bumbling Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams. Danny must have lots of gaps between his teeth to fit all those lies through them!

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