Friday, March 17, 2006

Millionaire Circus Boss Animal Abuser Kenneth Feld Pulls Strings and Wins Case Over Animal Rights Group

Another travesty of “justice.” Not surprised though as Kenneth Feld the millionaire animal abuser has a way of getting out of everything. It’s clearly documented he spied on PETA. Not surprised though that proof had no say in this case.

For proof of the horrors committed by Ringling Brothers Circus on a variety of animals visit:


Victory for circus boss over animal rights group

FAIRFAX, Va. A circus boss has won a legal victory in a spy case.
Jurors in Virginia have rejected a suit filed by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals against Kenneth Feld, president of a group that owns the Ringling Brothers Circus and other acts.

The suit said Feld and company executives spied on PETA and other groups. Feld's lawyer had said during opening arguments nothing illegal was done and that PETA was hypocritical, saying it frequently uses undercover operatives.

A PETA lawyer says he'll appeal.

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