Friday, March 10, 2006

Even Though EU May Again Allow Live Veal Export, Coventry Airport in England Refuses to Again Allow Live Animal Export

Well, that’s one positive development in the story I wrote about yesterday in which the EU may again allow veal calves to be exported live. See it at:


No veal flights from Coventry

Mar 9 2006

By Fiona Scott

VEAL calves won't be flown abroad from Coventry Airport again, the airport's new executive chairman has pledged.

Bill Savage said the airport now had the legal right to refuse such flights because it is licensed as a private aerodrome.

When animal rights protester Jill Phipps died in 1995 during a protest against veal flights, Coventry Airport had a public licence.

The council lost a High Court fight when trying to prevent Phoenix Aviation from operating the controversial flights.

Mr Savage is confident the airport will now not be used for live animal exports.

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