Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Primal Residents in Mississippi take Part in the Blood Sport Hog-Dog Rodeos: Pig and Pit Bull in Pen and Let Kill Each Other: Will Mississippi Ban It?

I have to admit, I had never heard of this disgusting issue. Essentially, drunk guys put a pit bull and a hog in a pen and let them fight. I really don’t have the words to describe my sickness. Let’s hope it passes the Senate.

You can find more on hog-dog fighting at

House OKs hog-dog ban
Measure heads back to Senate


JACKSON - The Mississippi House voted 110-11 Tuesday to ban hog-dog rodeos, but only after a raucous debate that touched on drinking, hunting, illegal gambling and guys named Bubba.

Louisiana in 2004 outlawed hog-dog rodeos, in which pit bulls or other dogs are put into pens with wild hogs left mostly defenseless after their tusks have been sawed off.

The events usually are held on isolated, rural property, and onlookers wager on how long the dogs will take to pin down the hogs.

"It is a blood sport," said Rep. May Whittington, D-Schlater. "It's one animal attacking another for commercial gain, and I find that disgusting."

State law makes dogfighting a felony and cockfighting a misdemeanor, but it doesn't address hog-dog fighting.

The House bill also would set penalties for cruelty to cats.

The measure moves back to the Senate, which could either accept the House change or negotiate before sending anything to the governor.

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