Friday, June 09, 2006

Whale and Dolphin News

This is from a different group at They are committed to bring news regarding whales and dolphins. As usual, there are many unfortunate issues to deal with, including Japan illegally whaling. Please read on.

It’s now less than two weeks until the start of this year’s meeting of the International Whaling Commission, where the fate of the world’s whales hangs in the balance. With whaling countries killing more whales every year, adding new, endangered species to their target list and pushing for a full-scale resumption of commercial whaling, our work at this meeting has never been more crucial.

You too can join our campaign to end commercial whaling for good. Over the coming weeks, we’ll bring you all the whaling news from the meeting and highlight how you can get involved in our campaign, starting with Save the Whale Week!


Japan’s North Pacific hunt starts
Four ships, including a factory storage vessel, have set sail from Japan for its annual whale hunt in the North Pacific in defiance of the moratorium on commercial whaling.

WDCS and CMS join forces to seek solutions
WDCS and CMS (Convention of Migratory Species of Wild Animals) are calling on all countries that have any interaction with the world’s oceans to start solving the problems that face whales and dolphins.

Friendly dolphin is refloated in Cumbria, UK
Marra, the friendly bottlenose dolphin rescued earlier this year from a dock in Cumbria, has stranded and been refloated.

Dolphins threatened by indiscriminate oil exploration
Dolphins and porpoises are being put at risk by UK Government plans to open up the whole of the Irish Sea, including supposedly protected areas, to allow businesses to prospect for oil and gas.

Japan hoping to boost whale meat sales
A new company has been set up in Japan in an effort to increase sales of whale meat by supplying the products to schools, hospitals and family restaurants.


Imagine if you could help WDCS stop commercial whaling and protect whales and dolphins all over the world by throwing a party. Well that’s just what we’re asking you to do.

July 6th – 15th 2006 is our very first Save the Whale Week and we are asking people to get involved by having a party or organising an event to raise money. This is your chance to stand up to the unnecessary cruelty these wonderful animals face.

All you need to do is get yourself a FREE Save the Whale Week Party Pack and organise a party or event, get sponsored.

It’s a chance to raise money and have fun while you’re doing it!

To get hold of your free party pack, please go to:, e-mail or call our Events team on +44 (0)1249 449500


Join our travel wing, out of the blue, on a short break to see bottlenose dolphins and other wildlife of the beautiful Cardigan Bay area.

The trip includes the chance to see bottlenose dolphins, harbour porpoises, seals and seabirds, as well as enjoying scenic coastal walks in this beautiful, remote part of Wales.

We’ve got limited availability left for this summer – so book now to be sure of a place!

For more information please call Rob or Lucy on 01249 449 533/ 547

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