Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Due to Japan’s Sneaky Tactics, Pro-Whaling Nations May Hold the Majority of Votes at the Next International Whaling Commission Meeting

Not good at all. Looks like whaling will now begin in full action again. The link below will take you to a page that offers video of a whale being murdered.


Japan rallying pro-whaling nations


Jun 13, 2006

New Zealand Conservation Minister Chris Carter says it appears pro-whaling nations may hold the majority of votes at the next International Whaling Commission meeting.

Carter says the meeting, which starts on Friday, will be crucial to the future of the world's whale population.

He says delegations from "conservation-minded" countries such as New Zealand will do their utmost to keep whale conservation at the forefront of the IWC's work.

But Carter says Japan has been actively recruiting countries which will support whaling to join the commission and at this stage, appears to have the votes on its side.

The meeting comes as animal rights organisation WSPA says new undercover footage has been released, which proves there is not a humane way to kill a whale.

WSPA says the footage shows a minke whale being shot with a grenade-tipped harpoon and despite the hunt taking place in optimum weather conditions the whale takes two and a half minutes to die.

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