Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Activists Have Been Banned from Demonstrating Where Construction Workers from Oxford University's New Research Laboratory are Living

I think it’s pretty clear now that the UK government has given up on upholding any rights people have to express their opinions.


Judge bans animal rights protest at builders' digs


By Rosie Murray-West
(Filed: 13/06/2006)

Animal rights activists have been banned from demonstrating in a Cotswold village where construction workers from Oxford University's new research laboratory are being accommodated.

The activists' demonstrations were already restricted at the building site by an injunction granted to the university. Now a High Court judge has extended that order to cover Moreton-in-Marsh Fire Service College, where the workers are living.

The activists will be allowed to hold a lawful demonstration outside the college only on a Wednesday afternoon, provided there are fewer than 50 people. Speak, the organisation leading the campaign against the building, which will house animals for testing, said it would appeal.

The protests and threats to shareholders and workers led to an earlier contractor pulling out of the project.

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