Thursday, June 15, 2006

Secure the Release of a Number of Chimpanzee Elders from NIH-Related Labs

From another group.

Hi everyone,

This won't take anyone long, don't worry!

You will probably all be aware of Project R&R:Release and Restitution for
chimpanzees in US laboratories that was recently started up by NEAVS, the New
England Anti-Vivisection society.

A very important part of this is a petition to be sent to the NIH, lab
directors etc to secure the release of a number of chimpanzee elders in their
late 40s/early 50s (a draft of this is copied below: I hope the format holds
out!). This can be signed online at:

On behalf of Project R&R, I'd like to ask you all to sign it (if you haven't already), and to distribute it to your colleagues and friends, and also any
other e-mail lists/newsgroups that you may be part of. It goes without
saying that the more signatures we get, the better!

Thanks very much for this,


Dr Jarrod Bailey
Science Advisor
Project R&R: Release and Restitution for Chimpanzees in US Laboratories
New England Anti-Vivisection Society
333 Washington St., Ste. 850
Boston, MA 02108

Dear NIH Lab Director/University President:

The most recent information made available from [facility] indicates that it
holds chimpanzees born in the 1950s. Many of these individuals have been
used in research protocols or for breeding purposes for decades. They deserve
release into permanent sanctuary before they die. These chimpanzees have little
time left.

We urgently request that you exercise your power to secure the transfer of
these individuals immediately into permanent sanctuary where they may enjoy a
life of sun and space and a chimpanzee family with the relative freedom they
so deserve after so many years of research and/or breeding. Project R&R
partners with several highly reputable sanctuaries who have indicated their
ability to accept these individuals immediately.

The Chimpanzee Elders (and labs where held)

Gwen - age 54 (New Iberia)
Susie - age 52 (Primate Foundation of Arizona)
Wenka - age 52 (Yerkes)
Cheeta - age 49 (Yerkes)
Flo - age 49 (Alamogordo)
Lulu - age 49 (Yerkes)
Maxine - age 49 (Yerkes)
Harriet - age 49 (Primate Foundation of Arizona)
Jenda - age 48 (Yerkes)
Karen - age 48 (New Iberia)
Jake - age 48 (New Iberia)
Guy - age 47 (Alamogordo)
Boka - age 47 (Yerkes)
Billy Ray - age 47 (New Iberia)

Given the importance of chimpanzee social bonding, we also request that each
individual be sent along with at least one other chimpanzee cage mate or
friend. Chimpanzees form powerful bonds. It is essential that these
relationships be respected and appreciated as critical to the individuals' well being.
Disrupting family bonds and friendships is a hardship many have endured for
years. The elders must not have to pay for their release with the loss of one
more relative or friend.

A recent independent public opinion survey commissioned by Project R&R found
that 71% of Americans support the release of chimpanzees who have spent
longer than 10 years in a laboratory. These chimpanzee individuals have far
surpassed that mark.


Project R&R and its supporters:

Signed by:
[Your name]
[Your address]

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