Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kangaroo Island Near Australia Takes on Feral Cat Issue by Requiring Microchipping and then Killing of those Cats Without a Chip

It would be nice if they could tackle the issue another way.


Kangaroo Is cats to be microchipped


Domestic cats on Kangaroo Island will be required by law to be microchipped and contained in a move to combat the feral cat problem.

It is the first council region in South Australia to introduce the legislation, which applies from July 1.

The feral animal project officer on Kangaroo Island, Pip Masters, says they will now be able to start a trapping program in the townships.

"Any cats that are caught will have to scanned for microchips because every domestic cat now will be microchipped," he said.

"If they're not owned and they don't look like they're somebody's pet cat, they'll be put down using injection."

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