Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tropical Storm Alberto Makes Landfall / NOLA Pet Evacuation Plan Needs Volunteers

With Alberto’s landfall about 50 miles southeast of Tallahasse, Florida,
hurricane season is officially here! So far an estimated 20,000 people have
evacuated and animal rescue teams are on alert. Fortunately we have Capt.
Ron -- of Humane Law Enforcement-Florida, Disaster Response Teams, and the
Pet Owners Alliance Inc. -- on the Florida front. (See Capt. Ron’s Alberto
report at end of email).

We need to step up the pet evacuation process for vulnerable Gulf Coast
states such as Louisiana. The LA-SPCA is currently working to “fill in the
gaps” with state and federal officials. BUT THEY NEED YOUR HELP.

Volunteers are sought, right now, for NOLA’s pet evacuation plan. We had
posted this alert earlier, but the response has been poor...

If you can help, or can cross-post this to other lists, please do so.

Laura Maloney of the LA-SPCA,
504-368-5191, ext. 142

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