Friday, June 23, 2006

The Illegal Trade of Animal Parts Goes On: Seven Arrested In Delhi, India for Selling Body Parts of Animals

Why print this story? Well, to remind all that this practice is alive and well.

Here’s more on the issue of illegal wildlife trade:


Seven arrested for selling body parts of animals

New Delhi, June 20: Five women and two men were arrested today for allegedly selling body parts of animals in the historic Jama Masjid area of Central Delhi and recovered 93 deer must and 50 porcupine wings, police said.

The major seizure also includes 31 lion teeths, 15 owl paws, four tortoise shells, one Barasimha horn and a dead owl, and arrested the seven while trying to allegedly sell them at Jama Masjid area, they said.

The five women arrested were from Kalyanpuri of North East Delhi and were identified as Bhundi (60), Naina (60), Kevanti (60), Rampyari (40) and Saranga (40).

The arrested men were Mohammed Saleem, a resident of Daryaganj in Central Delhi and Ganesh Dutt of New Usmanpuri, they added.

Cases were registered against the accused under relevant sections of the Wild Life Act.

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