Friday, February 03, 2006

You Never Know if the Pet You Sent to be Cremated Really Will Be. Perhaps They’ll Just End up Dumped Somewhere and you Receive Some Unknown Ashes

You Never Really Know if the Companion Animal you Sent to be Cremated Really Will be. Perhaps They’ll Just End up Dumped Somewhere and you Receive Some Ashes from an Unknown Source.

I always suspected this. Yes, this is in one state, but you can bet it applies to many situations. Again, it’s laziness and money that get in the way of people having respect and doing the right thing. They may be carcasses to one, but to another, they’re beloved beings.

Pet Cremation Service's Contract Suspended

Watch the abc7 e-Video eVideo: Cremation Service Implicated in Pet Dump

Montgomery and Arlington counties have stopped using a cremation service that's been implicated in the dumping of animal carcasses from Fairfax County (website - news) .

The bodies of about 350 cats, dogs and other animals were found at two sites in West Virginia over the past month, and authorities there said some of the animals were from Virginia.

Fairfax County police have been investigating whether the company that contracts with the county's animal shelter to dispose of dead animals, Chantilly-based Family Pet Cremations, was responsible.

Montgomery County (website - news) has now suspended its contract with Family Pet Cremations after investigators determined that animals from its shelter may also have been dumped. Arlington County has already stopped working with the company.

U.S. Forest Service officials in West Virginia will determine whether anyone will face criminal charges.

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