Monday, February 13, 2006

In New Mexico, Bill to Set Higher Civil Penalties for Hunters who Illegally Kill Trophy Animals Passed the Senate Today

Good, but how about jail. After all, the guilty party did take a life. So, is a fine really enough? Common sense says no.

Higher penalties for poaching trophy animals OK'd by Senate

SANTA FE The State Game Commission could set higher civil penalties for hunters who illegally kill trophy animals under a bill the Senate passed today.

The bill authorizes the commission to designate certain game animals, birds and fish as trophy animals, set a value on them, and establish penalties for illegally taking them that would be high enough to serve as a deterrent to poaching.

The bill's supporters say under current law, the penalties are too low -- for example, 500 dollars for an elk _ to deter poachers, whose profit from selling trophy animals may far exceed any fine they pay.

The bill went to the House on a unanimous vote.

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