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See Video Proof of the Evils of Bull Fighting: Not Everyone in Mexico Agrees with Bloody Bullfights

First, “Bull Fighting” needs to be in quotes. There’s no fight here – only cowards dressed up in tights in an unfair game. Keep reading to see why.

For more on the realities of bull fighting, see the descriptions and accompanying videos below. They will blow your mind. You cannot believe how cruel bullfighting is. Absolutely disgusting. These people all need to be tried for animal cruelty. If someone did this on a farm, they certainly would be. They are all found at: http://www.sharkonline.org/indexbullfighting.mv

Here is a good description of what happens at a bull fight. You’ll soon see why this is beyond cruelty:

A cowardly picador slams a spear into a bull from relative safety on top of a horse. The bull attacks the horse, believing it be the source of his torment. The horse is used as a living shield by a thug who doesn't know the meaning of integrity, bravery, or a fair fight.

Bullfighting Video
1.2 MB

A bull in obvious physical distress can do nothing but stand and bleed, with several decorative tags still hanging from his mutilated body. During it all, sickeningly festive band music plays for the crowds.

Bullfighting Video
2.0 MB

Crowds cheer as a mutilated bull named Bright Eyes falls to the ground once he's too weak to stand. Several matadors stand around waving their capes trying to look useful while the bull collapses.

Bullfighting Video
2.2 MB

A matador approaches the fallen bull Bright Eyes from behind and knifes the animal in the back of the neck. The bull falls over with eyes bulging in shock and terror. The matador continues to cut the still consious animal, while children run over to see the gore and blood close up.

Bullfighting Video
2.0 MB

After being tortured beyond imagination, the fallen bull Bright Eyes has to endure one more atrocity as his ear is cut off for a trophy. Blood runs down the skull and pools under the animal's head. Bright Eyes is somehow still alive and conscious, feeling every cut and jab. The crowd continues to cheer and whistle, fully aware of what has just happened.

Bullfighting Video
3.7 MB

A matador drives a sword between the shoulders of a bull. As usual, the sword does not kill the victim, and the thugs run around the bull to make him move, so the sword will cut up his insides.

Bullfighting Video
1.6 MB

Stabbed in the lungs, and spewing blood from his nose and mouth, a bull is run in circles by the killer thugs. This causes the sword to cut up the victim's insides.

Bullfighting Video
1.2 MB

Bulls are rarely killed by the thrust of the sword, and this victim was no exception. As he lowers in agony and complete submission, a coward approaches him from behind. Even now the "bullfighter" has no courage!

Bullfighting Video
1.9 MB

Still conscious, but paralyzed from being stabbed in the back of the neck to mutilate his spinal cord, the bull is dragged from the bullring by ropes tied around his back legs. He was butchered alive.

This is truly a sick game.


Animal rights protesters throw fruit, vegetables at fans going to bullfight


Activists protested an event at Plaza Mexico a week after a bull was killed for charging into the stands

Wire services

El Universal

February 06, 2006

Police arrested 35 animal rights activists who threw fruit and vegetables at people going to a bullfight on the 60th anniversary of Mexico´s most famous bullring, local media reported.

Police outside the Plaza Mexico bullring held back the demonstrators, who waved banners with slogans such as "Stop This Massacre" and "No More Violence," but no arrests were made.

The protest came a week after a 503-kilogram (1,108-pound) bull named Pajarito - "Little Birdy" - jumped into the Plaza Mexico stands during a fight, hospitalizing two spectators.

Eventually, one of the bullfight participants crawled up into the stands to stab and kill the animal. The bullfight resumed 30 minutes after the incident.

Despite the incident, Sunday´s anniversary event was a sold-out affair, with 430-peso seats being resold by scalpers for 1,000 pesos.

Police said at least six people were arrested for scalping bullfight tickets.

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