Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pet Sales at Flea Markets: Why Not a Good Idea? Puppy Mills.

When you buy a dog, cat, bird, etc. from a pet store, you support puppy mills. It’s just as bad when you buy from a flea market. Why should you not buy from a pet store or flea market: puppy mills. To find out more about puppy mills, follow this link:


Animal rescuers: Stop flea market pet sales

The Associated Press

MONCKS CORNER - Berkeley County animal rescuers want to stop the sale and give away of puppies and kittens at the Coastal Carolina Flea Market.

Although the county has an ordinance prohibiting the practice, animal control officer John Nutter said it hasn't been enforced.

Lawyers are still reviewing it, he said.

Flea market owner Dan Davis said the concerns about flea market pets are unfounded.

"I don't believe we are the illegal ogre they make us out to be," Davis said.

But Pearl Sutton, executive director of the Doc Williams Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said pets sold at flea markets often are in poor health and end up discarded at shelters.

Davis says he won't ask vendors to stop selling animals until County Council redrafts its ordinance prohibiting the sale, trading or giving away of animals in commercial parking lots, flea markets, fairs or carnivals.

The dogs and cats given away or sold at the flea market are not regulated by any health standards the way animals sold in pet stores are, Sutton said.

She said it also is a public health hazard because people could get scratched or bitten by unvaccinated animals.

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