Tuesday, February 14, 2006

In Sanford, Florida, Elephant Kept in Chains and Abused at Flea Market

An elephant at a flea market? Come on. This simply cannot work. Very unnatural. Chained down and prodded with a bull hook. What a terrible existence.

Animal Rights Protestors Upset Over Elephant At Flea Market


SANFORD, Fla. -- Animal rights protestors want shoppers to stay away from the large flea market in Sanford. The protestors are upset over the use of an elephant to perform and give rides to children.

The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida wants Flea World to stop using Dondi as an act. They said the elephant spends most of her time in chains and is badly treated.

"All of the elephant handlers, just like Dondi's handlers, have what's called a bull hook. It's got a very sharp point at the end of stick used to poke, jab, pull Dondi around and maker her perform things she does inside," explained Bryan Wilson, Animal Rights Foundation of Florida.

The protestors also said Dondi is more likely to go on a rampage, because she is held in a small contained area.

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