Monday, January 23, 2006

When it Comes to a Capacity for Character, [Humans] May Not be Alone

A great article on the similarities between all animal species – humans included. Read on for a synopsis. The link to the article is below.

Message from sender:
Lead story in today’s New York Times magazine. 11 pages. last paragraph: Perched now, like entranced children, along the banks of their respective simulated streams, scientists are staring for hours at the least human of creatures - everything from bullying fruit flies to ravenous, oversexed water striders and fishing spiders to perilously fearless hordes of armored stickleback fish - and are beginning to see in them not just their distinct patterns of behavior but also something deeply and distinctly recognizable. Something, well, not altogether inhuman.

MAGAZINE | January 22, 2006
The Animal Self
Scientists are conducting personality tests on animals as varied as chimps, hyenas and giant octopuses. When it comes to a capacity for character, we may not be alone.

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