Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dogs and Cats Affected by Hurricane Katrina Still Need Your Help: Here’s One Way

This is from another group. Please look into it and help if you can.


David Meyer

Thanks for taking a moment to read this.

The charity I co-founded,, and our grassroots partner, Animal Rescue New Orleans, has been saving pets in New Orleans since the hurricane first struck. We continue to be in a race against time in the gulf coast, as former pets made homeless by Katrina still roam deserted streets, without even access to garbage cans to scrounge for food. Many are being kept a live all these months only by our volunteers placing out thousands of food/water stations which is just a temporary solution. These animals are facing danger from other roaming animals, exposure to diseases, and are living under homes about to be bulldozed. They are also now beginning to reproduce, which is just a nightmare. We've been working with Best Friends Animal Society to trap, triage and move these pets to safety but a crucial link in the rescue chain has broken because we have nowhere around the country left to send these pets. Shelters are full, and without places to send these poor dogs and cats, we cannot continue to take them off the streets.

In response we have launched Operation Save-A-Pet Katrina ( to tell people about the need to adopt a any pet from any local shelter to make space for more Katrina pets still being pulled from the destruction. You can help tremendously in this effort by sending the link to to people you know who might wish to adopt a pet, or might send the link to others. Please take 1 minute to be a link in this chain of life. Be this link - send this link. Please send the link to to anyone you know who loves animals!

Also, if you wish to help with a donation, it is desperately needed and you can donate here:

Thank you so much for your help!

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