Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Waterloo Cup – Dogs Chase Frightened Hares: Sport or Cruelty?

A very strange tradition.

More on the Waterloo Cup and hare coursing can be found here:

Animal cruelty is 'being exported'

Jan 18 2006

Midweek Advertiser

ANIMAL rights campaigners say the Waterloo Cup has been "exported" to Ireland..

The controversial harecoursing event, previously held on the Altcar estate, was outlawed due to the recent Hunting Act. But the League Against Cruel Sports says the event has been moved to Sevenhouses Coursing Ground in Kilkenny.

League spokeswoman Dr Jane Evans said: "A total of 16 places have been reserved for greyhounds - which would

have participated in the Waterloo Cup - to run in the Seamus Hughes Cup instead.

"This export of animal cruelty to Ireland is a despicable form of cruelty tourism.

"The worst thing is that this cruelty is inflicted purely for the crowd's enjoyment. These animals are treated as disposable playthings and their suffering is mere entertainment."

At the weekend, League supporters demonstrated against the event in Kilkenny, with campaigners from Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe and the Irish Council Against Bloodsports.

A Countryside Alliance spokesman said the League was to blame for the Waterloo Cup's export to Ireland. Mr Tom Sell, regional director in the North West, said: "The Waterloo Cup was one of the most prestigious sporting events in the British sporting calendar and brought a great deal of income into the area."

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