Monday, January 09, 2006

Virginia Woman Sentenced to Two Days in Jail in Dog-On-Dog Cannibalism

Glad to see some judges taking animal cruelty serious. What a disgusting situation.

Woman Convicted of Cruelty in Dog Case
Virginia Woman Sentenced to Two Days in Jail in Dog-On-Dog Cannibalism

The Associated Press

MANASSAS, Va. - A woman convicted of animal cruelty after an emaciated pit
bull was discovered eating the carcass of another dog in her backyard was
sentenced Monday to two days in jail.

Karen Lee Morris, 37, also was barred from ever possessing another
companion animal in Virginia as part of a related civil case.

City officials had sought a 10-day jail sentence.

Animal control officers found three pit bulls in the tiny backyard of
Morris' townhouse in December, while she was away on a family trip. They
saw a thin pit bull cannibalizing the carcass of another pit bull.

Although the two dogs were not owned by Morris but by family members, she
was convicted of animal cruelty against the thin dog, as well as another
dog that she acknowledged owning.

The judge acquitted her of cruelty against the dead animal.

Her attorney, Robert King, argued against any jail time, saying his client
was overwhelmed with the burden of caring for six children, as well as the

Judge Craig Johnston said the sentence was "the only way I can ensure that
this doesn't happen again."

Morris said after the hearing that she does not plan to appeal the civil

"I love my dogs to death," she said. "I take care of my dogs."

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