Monday, January 16, 2006

About Pain and Distress to Laboratory Animals: A Great Resource About this Issue and on the Use of Animals in Testing.

This is from Leah Gomez, Research Assistant, Animal Research Issues, The Humane Society of the United States. A great resource. Please check it out.

The HSUS publishes a free quarterly newsletter, the Pain and Distress

Report, which provides up-to-date information related to animal pain

and distress in the laboratory to laboratory animal veterinarians and

personnel, members of animal care and use committees, and others.

Content includes policy updates and perspectives, summaries of articles

from the technical and scientific literature, international statistics

on animal use, resources and services, upcoming conferences, websites,

and more.

The Pain & Distress Report is often highly acclaimed by its

To view past issues of the report, please go to (This is also

the link to use if you are going to post it to your web site.)

The HSUS has also published Pain and Distress Associated with

Polyclonal Antibody Production: Discussion and Recommendations.

This manuscript gives general and specific recommendations for minimizing pain and

distress associated with polyclonal antibody (Pab) production. A group

of experts from relevant fields participated in a roundtable discussion

at a scientifically-based meeting held by the HSUS and considered

several animal welfare-related aspects of Pab production, including

determination of appropriate adjuvants, optimal volume of adjuvant per

species, optimal route of immunization, use of booster injections,

available alternatives, and measurement of animal welfare.

Participants in the workshop recognized that insufficient attention has

been paid to animal welfare aspects of Pab production; therefore we

would like to widely publicize the availability of this publication. To

download this publication for free, please go to

associated_with_polyclonal_antibody_production.pdf. (This is also the

link to use ifyou are going to post it to your web site.)

To view our position statement on the use of animals in biomedical

research and testing, please go to


statement_animal_use_in_biomedical_research_and_testing.html .

For any further questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you

For your time and consideration and we do hope that you will link to these

resources from your website and/or advertise their availability in your



Leah Gomez

Research Assistant

Animal Research Issues

The Humane Society of the United States

P: 301-258-3041

F: 301-258-7760

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