Friday, July 22, 2005

Tell PBS Not to Air Pro-Factory-Farming Propaganda

From another group:

Tell PBS Not to Air Pro-Factory-Farming Propaganda

The factory-farming industry, including agribusiness giant Monsanto and
the American Farm Bureau (a front group for corporate agriculture), has
collaborated with a California public television network to produce a TV
series called Americas Heartland. The shows producers claim that they
will profile the people, places, and processes of todays agribusiness.
But if the shows trailer and the shows predecessor, Californias
Heartland, are any indication, Americas Heartland will do its best to
mislead viewers about the true nature of the modern meat, egg, and dairy

The shows trailer creates the illusion that farmed animals are raised on
small, idyllic farms where they are given plenty of space and fresh air.
In reality, the vast majority of animals raised for food in the United
States suffer immeasurably on huge, industrial factory farms, where they
are confined and mutilated before being violently killed. The corporate
sponsors of Americas Heartland are very concerned about the growing
public outrage surrounding the abuse of animals on modern factory farms.
These companies have already shelled out more than a million dollars to
produce this show, all in an effort to trick Americans about the way
farmed animals are treated.

Monsanto and the American Farm Bureau are offering the show to 300 U.S.
public television stations this fall. Please politely ask your local
public station to refuse to air Americas Heartland and other agribusiness
propaganda. Find the contact information for your station.

Read more about the reality behind modern animal agriculture.

Thanks for all that you do for animals.

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