Friday, July 29, 2005

The Art of Killing a Cat Movie

From another list. A real sick issue.

Hi all:
Would you please take a moment and e-mail or mail this letter- or your
own version- to the Melbourne Film Festival.


June Bird,

Rheya Linden,
Animal Active!


Mr. James Hewison, Executive Director
Melbourne International Film Festival 2005
PO Box 2206
Fitzroy Mail Centre VIC 3065
ph: 03 9417 4500, +613 9417 2011; fax: +613 9417 3804

Dear Mr. Hewison,

As someone who advocates free expression in the arts, I am stunned the
Melbourne International Film Festival agreed to screen a film in which
heroin-addicted men skin and disembowel a live cat. Please add my voice
the majority of citizens worldwide who draw the line at animal "snuff"

The July 24, 2005 showing of "Casuistry: The Art of Killing a Cat"
the entire July 20-August 7 festival, drawing global disdain similar to
outcry over its premier at the 2004 Toronto Film Festival.

"Killing a Cat's" makers claim to examine "one of Canada's most
abhorrent animal cruelty cases" while simultaneously exposing "the art
world's tolerance for these kinds of actions." They seem to believe
violence wrapped in intellectual reverie is acceptable, as long as it
art. MIFF should have made the socially responsible decision to reject a
film that showcases animal torture.

In a Herald Sun voteline (7/20/05) 93.3% of respondents voted to delete
documentary from the festival. RSPCA president Dr. Hugh Wirth argued any
portrayal of animal abuse prompts others to commit comparable offenses.
doesn't matter whether you show the cruelty or just describe it, it is
same thing." (The Herald Sun, 7/19/05)

Cat Protection Society executive director Dr. Carole Webb, who described
flood of cat killings in Australia, stated the film could trigger more
brutality against animals. "If there was a film titled 'How to Abuse a
Child' it would be censored." (The Herald Sun, 7/19/05)

Indeed, just as snuff films cater to psychopaths who enjoy a sneak peek
terror and murder, "Killing a Cat" risks provoking mimicry. The film is a

how-to manual for disturbed individuals with violent tendencies.
Furthermore, animal abusers are commonly linked with domestic violence or

other aggressive crimes. Police case files reveal most convicted serial
killers victimized animals before graduating to humans.

In the future, I hope MIFF will show more discretion and refuse to screen

any film that trespasses all moral and artistic boundaries.


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