Monday, July 11, 2005

Rodeos = Fear, Suffering and Death.

The Calgary Stampede is a very large rodeo event. Though this article is small, it really shows some of the fact behind rodeos. Animals do die every year at every event. Useless deaths that are typically preceded by fear. Read on. Found at:


Animal rights activists picket Calgary Stampede News Staff
Fans trying to enter the first full day of the Calgary Stampede had to run a gauntlet of animal rights protesters who accused organizers of animal cruelty.

Demonstrators laid wreaths in front of mock animal graves and carried signs displaying how many animals have died over the 100-year history the Stampede.

Last weekend nine horses drowned near the end of a 200-kilometre trail ride held as part of the city's famed Stampede. And it wasn't he first such tragedy in Stampede history.

Just three years ago, seven animals were killed at the rodeo. Of those, six were horses injured during the chuck wagon races and one was a calf that suffered a broken leg during the calf-roping event.

The Humane Society of Canada is calling for a boycott of the Stampede's rodeo and chuck wagon events.

"I hope that some people do stop and think of what they're doing," young protester Fiona Sheddon told CFCN News in Calgary. "Things you wouldn't do to your dog or your cat -- you happily go watch done to a horse or cow."

Stampede organizers said another horse died this weekend, but there was no indication the horse was overworked or overheated. Organizers say the animals can have sudden and unexpected heart attacks.

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