Friday, July 01, 2005

Actions You Can Take to Help Chained Dogs.

Just one option of the many to help end the sad situation of chained dogs. B y the way, they do list things to buy...of course, we don't encourage or discourage products. We simply pass along other ways to attack these issues.

Here is action you can take to help chained dogs.
From: Tammy @ Dogs Deserve Better []

1) If you know people who are chaining dogs, send us their snail-mail addresses and

we’ll anonymously mail letters/information to them. Send addresses to Bronwyn


2) You've asked for shirts, bags, caps, stickers, etc. to help raise awareness, well,

here they are!

Show your support for chained and penned dogs by wearing and using the many messaged

items you’ll find at the below links! (The most glorious thing about wearing/using something

with a message is that you just don't know how many lives you may change.

Everyone, absolutely everyone, reads “a slogan,” it's human nature. By wearing or using one

of our items, you may actually get a dog off chains or out of a pen!)


Tammy Sneath Grimes, Founder

Dogs Deserve Better: No Chains!

First Prize Winner, ASPCA Pet Protector Contest

P.O. Box 23, Tipton, PA 16684

1.877.636.1408 € 814.941.7447


Make a Difference in a Chained Dog's Life!

Change Laws. Educate Society. Volunteer your Time. Foster a Chained Dog.

The More You Stand With Us, The More Chains We Will Break, Together!

Donate Fencing, Training, Time, Crates, Corporate Sponsorship.

Donate via

Shop through

They Deserve Better!

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