Friday, July 22, 2005

Any friends/family in the UK? If so, important animal testing issue to pass onto them

Even if you do not know any one in the UK to pass this on to, read the following description from a testing laboratory associated with Huntington Life Sciences. You'll be reminded why people are against animal testing.

The Northern edition of the the Big Issue "Big Issue in the North"
advertises for the animal testing company Covance. Here's an extract from a
BUAV investigation into Covance.

“One female monkey was called, sickeningly, ‘Rape; because she screamed so
often. Her face was slapped when she struggled during masking. On another
occasion ‘Rape’ was being transferred from one room to another when, our
investigator wrote in his journal, “Rick was standing at the washroom door
holding the monkey that the technicians call ‘Rape’ up to his chest. The
monkey was being held by both arms and she was frantically screaming. Rick
was laughing as the monkey struggled and became more stressed. Then Sandy
came over and with his pen ruffled the hair on the monkey’s head and then
prodded her in the stomach. The monkey screamed louder and, lifting her
legs, she held tightly to her head with her feet. Still screaming, and with
her eyes closed, she was taken away to her cage.”

Please contact the Big Issue in the North stating that you will be
boycotting the Big Issue whilst they continue to advertise jobs for
Covance and will be advising others to do the same. Thanks.

The Big Issue in the North: 135-141 Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LN. Tel: 0161
834 6300 Fax: 0161 832 3237

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