Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Unfortunate Outcome in Cruelly Crowded Farm Animal Transport Case - What You Can Do to Help

Unfortunate Outcome in Cruelly Crowded Farm Animal Transport Case

Unfortunate Outcome in Cruelly Crowded Farm Animal
Transport Case

Original Alert 2/04/05
Update 3/25/05
Jesse R. Duenas of Vallejo, California, was under
investigation for animal cruelty for overcrowding
animals in transport, causing many to die and become
injured. On January 8, 2005, Duenas allegedly crammed
a trailer full of animals, and took them to Roseville
Livestock Auction. By the time they arrived, four had
died and two were severely injured from the trip.

The case was originally reported in the Sacramento Bee
which stated that Duenas was to be arraigned on
February 9 at the Placer Superior Court in Auburn,
California. This date was moved back to March 9 by
District Attorney Bradford R. Fenocchio and then the
case was dropped. In a regrettable decision by the
Deputy District Attorney, Douglas Van Breeman was
quoted in the Sacramento Bee as saying that there was
not enough evidence to convict Duenas or convince a
jury, even though witnesses saw animals piled on top
of each other.

This was a rare instance of an auction facility
wanting justice done due to cruel transport and could
have helped set a precedent. Unfortunately, this
incident is not uncommon in the livestock
transportation business. Many animals are sold through
auction rings where they are subjected to
transportation and handling stresses, and extreme
crowding during transportation results in rampant
suffering and deaths.

What You Can Do
Please write letters immediately to politely express
your disappointment that this severe animal cruelty
case was not pursued. Ask the Placer County Deputy
District Attorney to reconsider charging Duenas with
the most serious crime supported by the evidence.

Douglas Van Breemen
Placer County Deputy District Attorney
11562 B Avenue
Auburn, CA 95603-2687
telephone: (530) 889-7000

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