Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tell UW-Madison to Stop Cruel Taser Experiments on Pigs! - Contact Information

Tell UW-Madison to Stop Cruel Taser Experiments on Pigs!

The first link will tell you how you can help stop these tests. The second
link is an article with a live poll. Please vote "no". There is also an address and sample letter below the links. Get to it!!!




Please contact University of Wisconsin-Madison

> Chancellor John D. Wiley
> and politely urge him to put an immediate end to
> this utterly
> unnecessary and ill-conceived experiment and return
> the grant to the
> Department of Justice:
> John D. Wiley, Chancellor
> University of Wisconsin-Madison
> 161 Bascom Hall
> 500 Lincoln Dr.
> Madison, WI 53706
> 608-262-9946
> 608-262-8333 (fax)
> chancellor@news.wisc.edu
> )'; return true;" onmouseout="status='';">chancellor@news.wisc.edu%20>
> Read a letter to Chancellor Wiley from the sister of
> a Taser victim.

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