Thursday, March 17, 2005

Canada's brutal slaughter set for late March - what you can do

Canada's brutal slaughter set for late March

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The largest commercial slaughter of marine mammals on the planet will begin
in days. By the end of this year's hunt, more than 300,000 seals will have
been brutally killed - many of them babies as young as 12 days old. Some of
them will have been skinned while still conscious and able to feel pain. The
Humane Society of the United States will be on the front lines in Canada,
fighting to halt this atrocity. Please stand with us today and stop the seal
hunt forever.

Step 1
Sign the pledge to boycott Canadian
seafood. Click here.
Seal hunting is an off-season activity conducted by fishers from Canada's
East Coast. They earn, on average, a small fraction of their incomes from
seal hunting - the rest from commercial fisheries. Canada earns $3 billion
annually from seafood exports to the United States. The connection between
the commercial fishing industry and the seal hunt in Canada gives consumers
all over the world the power to end this brutal slaughter. We'll deliver
your pledge to Canada's government so the politicians will know you've
joined our international Protect Seals team and are committed to ending the
seal hunt once and for all.

Don't Buy While Seals Die: Boycott Canadian Seafood.

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Help save the baby seals by signing the
pledge to boycott Canadian seafood. Your simple act could help end the seal
hunt forever.


Step 1

Pass the pledge to friends.
Canada is sensitive to world opinion. Hundreds of thousands of people
protesting and, in particular, refusing to buy Canadian seafood will make a
difference. Taking the pledge is simple and effective.
Click here to pass it on!

Step 1

Download your pocket seafood guide.
We've made your pledge to boycott Canadian seafood EASY with our
wallet-sized guide. Once you've signed the pledge,
click here to download your free

The first stage of the barbaric hunt, set to start in late March, will
unfold very quickly - and we'll be there to cover it. A spotter plane will
help us pinpoint the slaughter locations, and helicopters will take our
teams out onto the ice so they can record the ugly truth about what happens
away from public view.

You can stay in touch with our biggest animal protection campaign of the
year at There
you'll find up-to-the-minute news, videos, and actions every day during the

I know that it's painful to think about this awful abuse, but your
involvement and action are critical to ending it. Thank you for joining us
today in our fight to abolish the brutal seal hunt forever.


Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States

P.S. Get frequent updates from Rebecca Aldworth, our Director of Canadian
Wildlife Issues, who will be on the ice throughout the hunt to witness and
report. Click here.

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