Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Madonna opens hunting business on her property in the UK

Wasn't there a time when she was a veg. and into peace? Now she's basically running a hunting business. Doesn't she have enough money as it is?

Madonna attacked by animal rights group
Monday, March 14 2005, 14:46 GMT -- by Daniel Saney

Madonna has come under fire from an anti-hunting group for allowing shooting to take place on her estate.

Following Madge's success last year in banning ramblers from her paths, reports that she earns £10,000 every time she allows hunters to shoot birds on her property.

The League Against Cruel Sports has dedicated a page of its website to the pop icon, accusing her of having birds reared in factory-farming conditions.

The site informs readers: "For the really rich, really keen and really star- struck, a day's shooting can be arranged on Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s Wiltshire, England estate for a mere £10,000.

"She has been fighting to keep ramblers off her footpaths, but is open for business to paying customers."

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