Friday, January 25, 2013

More on Evil Ken Salazar: Why He Hates Horses and Wolves

Luckily Ken Salazar is stepping down from the Department ofthe Interior.  But, this is after pushing terror and pain on horses and wolves. 

I’ll let the article speak for itself, but I did post below what I see as the key two paragraphs.  To read the full story, visit

“Part of a longtime Colorado ranching family, eschewing reasonable alternatives, largely unaccountable to public opinion, Salazar consistently sided with ranching and livestock interests as they moved to push the nation's horses off public range lands. In so doing, he created additional burdens for American taxpayers-- who now are paying for the costs of wild horses in round-up pens-- while endorsing policies and practices which benefited these private industries. These are the same industries, incidentally, which already have long benefited from "welfare ranching"-- far-below-market lease rates for public grazing land out West.

Specifically, Salazar has allowed the BLM to: 1) round up tens of thousands of our wild horses from the patchwork of public and private lands and deposit them into ruinous holding pens in the Midwest; 2) allowed known advocates of horse slaughter to purchase thousands of those doomed horses; 3) refused to publicly discipline one of his deputies, a former BP oil executive, after she seemed to encourage ranchers to sue her own department to gain an advantage over the horses, and; 4) generated no viable plan for the continuing protection and management of these horses, which virtually guarantees their destruction.”

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