Monday, February 25, 2013

Ping An A Fu Stray Animal Rescue in China: FINALLY, One Person in China Shows they Have Heart: Saving Dogs Headed to Slaughter

I truly hope this is true.   

“last December 2011 in Central China's Jiangsu Province, a picture posted on Facebook of a group of animal activists surrounding a truck that was taking dogs to slaughter. The activists ultimately paid about $8,000 to rescue the dogs that were taken to Ping An A fu stray animal rescue.”

So, this is the group that has been leading this charge.  As also stated, there is SOME mentality change in China to stop torturing and eating dogs.  I can only hope.  

Please read below and you’ll also see more on how to donate.

“It was started in 2002 by founder Ms. Ha who started taking in strays off the street. Although she's was not a certified vet, she used to run a clinic at 32 Shanghai Lu that took care of basic dog needs. By 2006, she had taken in more than 300 dogs. In 2007, a government initiative to address Nanjing's growing stray dog population compelled Ms. Ha to step up. The government proposed a culling; she proposed instead to take in more dogs.”

Those who wish to donate directly may use the following bank details

NAMEMs. Ha Wenjin
ICBC ACC6222 0243 0101 5795 618
ABC ACC: 6228 4803 9188 4857 213
CCB ACC: 4367 4213 7503 0045 773
BOCOM ACC: 6222 6002 1001 2774 165


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