Monday, February 25, 2013

The Wolf Massacre in WI, MT, ID, WY, MN Continues: An Update and How to Help Stop

NOTE: I've just added additional links to petitions at the bottom of this post.  Very easy to do.  And important!   AND AGAIN, I'VE ADDED TO NEW LINKS ON 2-27-13.

Yes, the brainless scum in WI, ID, MT, WY, MN continue to kill wolves.  The numbers are hard to believe.  As reported by Wolves of the Rockies - (PLEASE JOIN THEM)

“As of today in Montana 121 has been killed by hunters and 86 by trappers, for a total of 207 wolves.
The season will end February 28.
This number does not include wolves killed by Wildlife Services, natural causes, poaching and other mortalities.
FWP will release the new wolves count at the end of March.
Last year FWP count was 650 wolves.”

WTF??!!  121!  And of course, a large part by cruel trapping.  

If you are in MN, please follow this link about a bill and help support it:

To read more on the HSUS filing suit regarding the delisting of the gray wolf in the Great Lakes., see   

Sadly, as you’ll find out, and as mentioned in the article, WI is just horrid, due to the fact that the DNR is run by “…real-estate developer turned Wisconsin DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp.”  Gee, I wonder which side she is on.

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