Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hypocrisy on Hatteras Island: A Letter From a Reader

I received this from one of the blogs' readers.  The words are all his.  If you can help, please do so.

Here is the message I received:

After decades of the National Park Service on Cape Hatteras National Seashore,NC not complying with a Presidential directive to have a plan in place that protects tourism and wildlife on the Island the Audubon Society and Southern Environmental Law Center filed a lawsuit installing a plan that closed beaches to protect endangered wildlife.This lawsuit was a win for the Audubon the instant it was filed with the Federal District Court due to the lack of any possible opposing argument and no case law to support such an opposition.However,the local community filed as codefendants with the losing side,the National Park Service,citing economic loss to local businesses without any regard for the endangered wildlife.As a result Dare County took a pass on taking an environmental stance and any possibility of having a plan of their own for preserving their own wildlife.Dare County's position is that the Audubon is the enemy which they plead to the media after bullying most of the population into agreeing with their position.They  put their economy,their wealth,and their childrens wealth over that of the Islands environmental health by rationalizing the importance of their legacy to make money and stating the ptotection of everyones rights.By doing so they entitled themselves to money still in other peoples pockets without extending to those people the right to choose for themselves the amount of environmental damage that was acceptable due to their tourism.Dare County managed to get support for a Congressional Bill voiding the Audubon's lawsuit,HR 4094,by getting 7 republican Congressmen to sponser the bill which was passed by the House.US Senator Kay Hagan,NC opposed the Bill.

When Dare County established that the Park Service was using Preditor Management,killing other animals, as a means to protect endangered birds they plead hypocrisy on the part of the Audubon to rally support to drive them out.When this tactic did not work due to the fact Preditor Management is a national policy,a failure but still a policy at every National Park,they dropped the issue and went back to claiming their loss of revenue.If this issue was that important to them instead of filing and waisting money opposing the Audubon they could have championed the cause to stop such killings and filed to have only trap and release as our national policy.Consequently,new evidence exists that it is the local animal abusers that are killing most of the wildlife there by running them down on the road for fun,using cats and birds of all kinds as targets to shoot at,and who violated the wildlife boundries causing more area to be sanctioned and closed.This they readily blaimed on tourists which only strengthened the need for more habitat to be off limits.The kind of acts their ancestors gave the land to the Park Service to protect against!Now these same people have a video out titled "Americas Beaches-The People Of Hatteras Island" where they somehow believe their legacy entitles them to riches only they are entitled to such as control of a National Park and the economy thereabouts,that they should be the environmental authority and all other environmentalists thought of as terrorists,and want your support to Repeal The Endangered Species Act,the hypocrisy of which is self evident.The problem here is that once people have brainwashed themselves into believing their own lies and bullied others to support the lie they actually think it is the truth and no manner of logic can deter their thinking.None of them even asked about my legacy here or what my position on the wildlife was.A difference of oppinion makes you the enemy period but they are the self appointed protector of my rights and the rights of the animals when it suits them?If you vacation here then you give up your rights to choose for their superior wisdom on the environment yet support their purchase of newer 4x4 trucks and guns for them and their children to kill animals with when they decide it is fun to do so.All authorities whose job it is to enforce the Cruelty To Animals statute,which is a felony in NC,have decided to look the other way for the cause of us all getting rich.Unless of course you happen to be for the animals,then they have no problem boycotting you and forcing you into bankruptcy-it is only their money that is important!


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