Thursday, October 19, 2006

Study by the National Institute of Nutrition in India Shows the Majority of Those in India Are Not Vegetarian

Depressing, but the truth. And that’s what we aim to do here: report the truth, no matter how sad it is. This is particularly disturbing as it really is true that especially in the US, many people think if you’re Indian, you’re vegetarian. Well, not so.


Is a majority of India non-veg?


India is a land of vegetarians, right? Wrong, says a recent study by the National Institute of Nutrition. A majority 64% of Indian households are meat-eaters. The South, at 92.2%, more than the North, at 40.4%, another surprise.

The study on "Knowledge, attitude, beliefs, practices study on food and drug safety in India", covered over 20,000 households in 82 districts in 28 states.

Do you think the NIN got it right? Or is it too small a sample to be an accurate representation of over a billion people. Is India largely vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

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