Thursday, October 05, 2006

Free To Good Home Adds: Case in Salt Lake City Proves How Sickos and Animal Abusers Use Them to Get Their Animal Victims

In addition to just wackos off the streets, sickos known as bunchers also scour papers for these free to good home adds. They then sell the animals to animal testing facilities. These are legal operations. Known as USDA Class B Dealers/Bunchers, they are the sickest of the sickest. For more on bunchers see -

This story truly shows the danger inputting out “Free to Good Home” adds.


SL Area Man Suspected Of Abusing, Killing Kittens

(KUTV) SALT LAKE CITY Police are investigating a man who may have a history of abusing and killing kittens.

Investigators say the unidentified man is alleged to have gotten free kittens from ads in Salt Lake area newspapers then abused them.

In June the man’s girlfriend brought in several kittens with broken bones to Salt Lake County Animal Services, say police. One kitten had a broken leg, broken tail and trauma to the body, as well as a mild concussion. Police told us when she returned home she found a second kitten with a broken tail and chemical burns.

Then, last week, another kitten was taken to a shelter with a broken tail and possible burns.
Police say the girlfriend of the alleged abuser told them that as many as seven or eight kittens were brought into the couple's home over the past few months, all of whom suffered injuries in various “accidents.”

Several of the animals simply disappeared and police say the woman believes they were killed.
The alleged abuser has an upcoming arraignment on other charges later this month. He may face animal abuse charges in these cases.

In Utah animal abuse is a class B misdemeanor.

Police say there are reports of domestic abuse in that home as well as the animal abuse. A survey of residents staying in shelters for battered women shows that 85 percent of women who entered shelter discussed incidents of pet abuse in the family, this according to Salt Lake County Animal Services.

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