Monday, October 02, 2006

Cruel China at It Again: Opens Annual Animal Olympics: Forces Animals from Primates to Moon Bears to Elephants to Kangaroos to Box, Bike and Others

Wow, they just don’t stop. China loves to abuse animals. Take a look at this site. It’s mainly just pictures of the animals being forced to even hurt each other. Having bears box each other is just plain wacked out cruelty.

Remember, China just recently enacted a huge, beyond cruel dog cull -

and is widely known for it’s cruelty to animals -

Article (contains pictures)
China Animal Olympians

Dubbed the Animal Olympics the third China Animal Sports Meeting opened in Shanghai, China yesterday. School children flocked to see 300 animal "athletes" compete for prizes in ball games and track and field events. The games have caused uproar among animal rights group adding to China's already bad record for animal cruelty. A monkey stands on its hands during an animal "Olympics" performance in the Shanghai Wild Animal Park on Sept. 28, 2006.
(Nir Elias/ Reuters)

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