Monday, October 30, 2006

Australia Hit With Cruelty Charges Again: Group Claims Farmed Pigs Throughout Country Abused

This is no surprise. In general, all farm animals in intensive operations will be horribly abused. This includes not just blatant abuse, but just the general conditions they are kept in.

For photos of pigs in factory farms see:

Here is an article recently wrote regarding Australia and the live animal trade. What you'll see is shocking cruelty:


Animal rights group claims farmed pigs being abused

Animal rights groups have launched an advertising campaign that claims factory farmed pigs are being abused.

They say the majority of Australia's 320,000 sows and their offspring spend their entire lives in restricted environments.

Glenys Oogjes from Animals Australia says that is cruel and legislation should be changed to protect them.

"If the same sort of conditions were imposed upon cats and dogs then the law would be able to step-in," she said.

"But unfortunately at the present time this system, the factory farming of pigs, is exempt from our legislation or protection legislation."

Australian Pork Limited has rejected claims of cruelty to the pigs.

Chief executive Andrew Spencer says they are well cared for.

"The things that the animal extremists don't like about our industry are actually, in many cases, things that are put in place in the production systems to ensure that the animals are looked after well," he said.

"This is really the motivation of the pig farmer, he has to have productive animals.

"He is the expert on welfare, he has to deliver it every single day."

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