Friday, May 12, 2006

Workers Take 227 Animals From Hesperia, California Home


Workers Take 227 Animals From Calif. Home

Thu May 11, 4:40 PM ET

HESPERIA, Calif. - Workers wearing gas masks removed 227 animals that were in "deplorable" condition from a home that reeked of urine, authorities said.

The final tally included 98 guinea pigs, 84 cats, 27 dogs, 14 rabbits, 3 potbellied pigs and 1 bird, Code Compliance Supervisor Tony Genovesi said Wednesday.

Two of the pigs had such severely injured hooves that they had turned them in and were walking on a higher point on their legs, officials said.

"I'm surprised they're not all sick with upper respiratory infections because they're breathing straight ammonia," said Susan Bradley, a kennel technician with the animal control department.

Hesperia homeowners are allowed to keep six cats, six dogs and 65 cage animals, Genovesi said. All of the animals were removed from the home because of the bad health conditions, he said.

The residents will get back the ones they're allowed to own once the home is fit for their habitation, he said.

It was unclear why the residents kept so many animals.

A person at the home declined to comment to the Victorville Daily Press.

Officials said they learned of the conditions at the home on Friday, when they served an unrelated warrant on a residence across the street.

Authorities previously visited the home in August 2004 and removed dozens of animals, Genovesi said.

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