Monday, May 15, 2006

Group Is New Zealand Calling For A Nationwide Ban On The Use Of Leg-Hold Or Gin Traps: What Is a Leg Hold Trap?

A great move. These are deadly and unnecessary killing mechanisms.
More information on leg hold traps can be found here:


Animal rights group calls for gin trap ban

Posted at 1:22pm on 13 May 2006

An animal rights group is calling for a nationwide ban on the use of leg-hold or gin traps.

The traps are commonly used to catch possums for the fur trade, but also claim the lives of native species like kiwi and weka, and domestic pets.

Auckland Animal Action spokesperson, Rochelle Rees says councils and ultimately the government should ban the traps, which she likens to "antiquated torture devices".

She says the traps have been banned in 89 countries, and New Zealand needs to follow suit.

Forest and Bird says there are alternative methods of catching possums that will not target native birds.

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