Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Group in Japan Seeks to Bring Awareness to Horrible Treatment of Companion Animals: Information and How You Can Help

Well, not surprised that Japan is right there with China in its treatment of animals. Read on about it and see how you can help.


Dear friends of animals,

Excuse me, writing you this mail suddenly.
But the animals in Japan and we need your help.

My name is Lydia Tanabe and I am the spokesman of Small Animals Support
Association (SASA) Japan.
We are rescuing abused animals, but also spread information about other
issues of cruelty against animals.
In Japan one big problem is the companion animal problem.
Our cooperation partner in Germany is showing the problem also in English.

There are no really law protecting animals, there are no really shelters for
the abused companion animals,
Japan is killing its dogs and cats in gas chambers or send it to Researching
Petshops let the animals die, which are not sold, people also throwing their
companion in the garbage.
We estimate the killed companion animals in Japan at 10 millions each year
or more.

But Japan is still importing more and more animals.

The mind of Japans people have to change, but we also need a law, which can
protect all these animals.
Therefore we decided to make a worldwide petition for the animals.
Together with other Japanese groups fighting for the animals, we made this
Now a German animal group made us also an online petition.
We will start in English and German now.
(For security reasons the list of signers will actualized every 24 hours.)


Also it is possible to print the petition and bring it at veterinarians,
shelters or schools.

We need help from all over the world.
This is a chance, which will never come so soon again.
So I want to ask you, if it would be possible for you, to help us.
A link would help most, I guess.
But we would be very grateful, if you could sign the petition and also ask
your members or friends.
Please help us and the animals in Japan!
For you it is only a click, for the animals it means all, their lives.

Sincerely Yours
Lydia Tanabe
Spokesman of SASA Japan
Minami Aoyama 1-3-6 MBE 125
Tokyo 107-0062

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