Friday, May 26, 2006

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Seeking Nominations for Annual Golden Carrot Awards for Outstanding School Food Service in Schools

PCRM is a group of individuals – some doctors – that tackle animal related issues via its health side. Check them out at A great website and a great group.

If you know of a school worthy of the Golden Carrot, please visit


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Doctors honor food-service pros

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is seeking nominations for its third annual Golden Carrot Awards for outstanding school food service professionals. The grand prize winner will receive $1,500 and a $3,500 check made out to her or his school or school district. Up to four additional awards will be given, with $500 going to the food service professional and $500 to benefit the school food service program.

"We want to recognize schools tackling the link between childhood obesity and the high-fat, artery-clogging food typically served in the lunchroom," says PCRM nutritionist Dulcie Ward. "School lunch programs that serve high-fiber, low-fat entrees such as bean burritos or veggie burgers, along with fresh fruit, vegetables and other vegetarian foods will help children reduce their risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and some forms of cancer."

The Golden Carrot Awards honor food service professionals in public and private schools. Schools will be evaluated based on how well they provide children with healthy vegetarian entrees and nondairy beverages, incorporate plant-based commodity foods into their menus, promote these healthy choices and offer nutrition education programs.
Parents, teachers, principals, fellow food service workers and community members are encouraged to nominate professionals who make a difference in their schools. The deadline for nominations is Sept. 18. An entry form and a more detailed explanation of the award criteria are available at

Winners of this year's contest will be announced in time for National School Lunch Week, Oct. 9-13, 2006.

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