Thursday, December 29, 2005

Winery Owner in California Kills Four Black Bears. Another Example of a Trigger Happy Response to Wildlife Issues.

Yes, mistaken identity, but still, the killing did occur and was due to bears eating grapes (Gee, a winery in an area with animals who like grapes. Hummm, don't you think 1+1=2?)

Again, was it really necessary to kill them? Just another example of short sided thinking when dealing with wildlife issues. We can go into space, view atoms, create medicine, etc. and we can't come up with non-lethal alternatives to wildlife issues?! Come on. The potential is there - the desire is not. If humans really cared, alternatives would exist and would be used.

Maybe Arnie signed their death order too.

From the Los Angeles Times


Winery Owner Objects to Animal-Rights Calls
From Wire Reports

December 28, 2005

A winery owner said she is the victim of mistaken identity after receiving angry calls and e-mails protesting the killing of grape-munching black bears.

Sally Kimsey, owner of Aetna Springs Cellars, said she is being unfairly targeted by animal-rights activists upset over the capture and killing of four black bears earlier this year at a winery in the same area with a similar name, Aetna Springs Vineyard.

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