Monday, December 05, 2005

A U.S. List of Banned Dog Breeds

From another list. Very interesting.

A U.S. List of Banned Breeds

This is the list of verified breeds found in the United States
affected by bans or restricted in some way. If you have verifiable
information on any other breeds affected, please let us know.

Dogs currently affected by BSL in the United States

This list is specifically named in ordinances

American Pit Bull Terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Bull Terrier (Monticello, Centerville, Alburnett & Hiawatha Iowa)
(Grandview MO) (N Little Rock, AR) (KY & WA)
Akita (Ulyssas, KS)
Alaskan Malamutes (Fairfield, IA)
American Bull Dog (North Little Rock, AR) (Aurora CO.)(Akron OH)
Belgian Malanois (Fairfield, IA)
Boerboels (Fairfield, IA)
Cane Corso (Aurora CO)
Chow Chow (Travelers Rest, SC), (Newport, RI) (Lynnville, TN)
Doberman Pincher (Fairfield, IA) (Sisston, SD), (Westfield, IL),
(Travelers Rest, SC) (Lynnville, TN) (Buffalo Center, IA)
Dogo Argentino (Aurora CO)
English Mastiffs, (Yale, IA)
Fila Brasileiro (also known as the Fila, Brazilian Mastiff) (Aurora
German Shepard (Fairfield, IA) (Lynnville, TN)
Great Danes (Fairfield, IA)
Irish Wolf Hounds (Fairfield, IA)
Mastiffs (Fairfield, IA)
Malamutes (Fairfield, IA)
Presa Mallorquin (also known as the Ca De Bou) (Aurora, CO)
Presa Canario (Lanett, AL) (Aurora CO)
Rottweiler (North Little Rock AR) (Buffalo Grove, ILL) (Fairfield,
Conrad, Lake Mills & Lockridge IA) (Walkerton, IN) (Inman, KS) (Carl
Junction & Salisbury MO) (Binghamton, NY) (Velva, ND)(Pawtuckett, RI)
(Travelers Rest, SC)(Lynnville, TN)(Smithville, UT)(Neah Bay, WA)
(Buffalo Center, IA)
Scottish Deerhounds (Fairfield, IA)
Shar Pei's (Smithfield, UT)
Siberian Huskies (Fairfield, IA)
Tosa Inu (Aurora CO)

NOTE These are breeds that are typically over 100 lbs according to
UKC & AKC Standards. If your dog is over 100lbs in Fairfield, Iowa it
is considered a restricted breed.

1. Akbash

2. Anatolian Shepherd

3. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

4. Borzoi

5. Bull Masiff

6. Dogue De Bordeauxs

7. Estrela Mountain Dog

8. Great Pyrenees

9. Italian Mastiff

10. Komondor

11. Kangal Dog

12. Kuvaz

13. Leonberger

14. Neopolitian Mastiff

15. New Foundland

16. Otterhound

17. St. Bernard

18. Spanish Mastiff

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